Riding horse tour


2 hours. All the public. Daytime. All year.

Guided tour through the Desert of Tabernas, with stops for taking pictures.

When arriving in the ranch, welcome, protection giving, assignment horse and little instructions about correct and respectful horse riding rules. A bit of training in closed circuit and departure for desert. You will be accompanied at all moments by the monitor.

Peaceful tour, to live the riding horse experience. You will enjoy the elegance of this magnificent animal and also an exceptional, natural, geological and cinematographic environment, named as the only European desert (1989) and Treasure of the European cinema (2020).

There are two different possible itineraries, both take place through the ramblas and paths of the Desert of Tabernas.
Security rule to different levels: we will always go at the speed of the lowest level person.

Notes: To the decision of the monitor, the most advanced riders will be able to trot and gallop during the route or the final of the tour. The choice of one or another one depends on the environmental circumstances of the tour day.




Daytime, all


All public


2 hours

Book your tour

Check availability and choose the date and hour for booking your tour.

Before booking read carefully the specific conditions:

Not suitable for:

– Younger than 14 years.
– Prengnats.
– People with back problems.
– People with mobility problems.
– People in wheelchairs.
– Animal allergic people.
– People with visual disabilities.
– People that weigh more than 110 kg.
– People in low physical shape.
– People older than 70 years.
– People with auditory disabilities.

Unlawful use:

– Dron.
– Selfie sticks.


-Horse ride.
– Helmet (Obligatory for all level riders) and corporal protector   (optional).
– Guide/instructor.
– Interpretation material (the guide brings it).
– Frontal torch in case of afternoon/night horse ride.

Not included:

– Western scenery towns visit.

It is required:

– Long trousers and closed shoes.
– Bottle of water.