Riding horse tour

The Desert of Tabernas at dusk

2 hours – All public

The same tour as the Tabernas Desert.


Go down the Desert of Tabernas like a true wild west cowboy, in the saddle of a horse. A unique landscape, the most arid of Europe, that has been useful as scenery for famous productions like Indiana Jones, Game of Thrones, Exodus, The Sisters Brothers or The Crown.

When you confirm the booking, we will contact with you to give you the instructions about facts to keep in mind and indications for the meeting point.

The day of the tour, when you arrive at the ranch, we will proceed with welcoming, giving a helmet, back protector and giving the horse. Also headlamp (only for afternoon and evenings. November, december and january).

For beginners, we will give several basic instructions and correct and respectful riding rules, also to be confidence with the horse. When we finish the first part of the activity we will make the adapted tour depending on the level (at all times supervised by the monitor).

For amateur or high level, we will start just with the tour. You will be able to do the gaits of the horse with the monitor supervision and enjoy a pleasant walk through the desert.

In case the level of the participating is varied, you will follow the instructions of the monitor to guarantee the safety of the participating.

The itinerary takes place in an open area of the desert, located 1 km away, with views of the mythical plain of the owl and the Turtle, places known because of its geological formations and because of the numbers of filmings that are recorded here per year.

Along the tour little stops are made for interpreting the natural environment, and the most relevant aspects of nature, geology, history and cinema.

If you are amateur or high level and you want a longer tour or with other characteristics, don’t hesitate to contact us and tell us which are your hopes. Even so, if it is the first time that you come to Tabernas, we recommend you to do the tour “Law Desert”. It is so interesting to first contact the environment of the desert.




It depends on the season of the year (consult the booking calendar).


Starting at 14 years.

Minimum 4 participating to start.



Reserva tu ruta

Comprueba disponibilidad  y elige fecha y hora para reservar tu ruta. 

Before booking read carefully the specific conditions::

Not suitable for:

– Younger than 16 years.
– Prengnats.
– People with back problems.
– People with mobility problems.
– People in wheelchairs.
– Animal allergic people.
– People with visual disabilities.
– People that weigh more than 110 kg.
– People in low physical shape.
– People older than 70 years.
– People with auditory disabilities.

Unlawful use:

– Dron.
– Selfie sticks.


– Horse ride.
– Helmet (Obligatory for all level riders) and corporal protector (optional).
– Guide/instructor.
– Interpretation material (the guide brings it).
– Frontal torch in case of afternoon/night horse ride.

Not included:

– Western scenery towns visit.

It is required:

– Long trousers and closed shoes.
– Bottle of water.