The sheltering sky in Tabernas Desert. Riding under the Stars

THE SHELTERING SKY, Riding under the stars


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Minimum reservation and payment terms:

4×4 route: 2 adults (€70).
Generic Horse Route: 2 riders (€80).
Horse Route for advanced riders: €120.00 (depending on the option chosen).

For individuals and on all our routes: If you are an individual, you can make the reservation of anyone of our services. If you do not meet the minimum, the options are:

a) Payment of the minimum of 2 places (second place: payment by web or direct in cash or card on the same day of the activity)
b) We will offer you an alternative to join a group already setif possible.
c) Refunding,if we cannot adapt to your needs.

Do not hesitate to contact us directly by phone +34 652 022 582 or by email

The 4×4 route can be booked by phone, SMS or Whatsapp at
+34 652022582 and paid on the day of the activity in cash or by credit card.

Horseback riding must always be paid for in advance. Minimum 24 hours before.

In all cases, we suggest to mannage the reservation by our website.

* In order to avoid overbooking, our reservation platforms are closed 24 hours in advance. If you want to book and there is no option, contact us directly. We do not guarantee a place but we will try to meet your request.

Measures against Covid-19

COVID measures: The health instructions of each moment will be followed.