Tabernas 4×4, The Soul of the Desert

“The desert tells a different story each time you get into it”

Robert Edison Fulton, Jr.

2 hours activity , guided tour through the Desert of Tabernas, with stops for the interpretation of the geological, historical, natural and cinematographic environment. Explanations of the guide and time for pictures in each stop.

Tour through the inside of the old sedimentary basin, with marine origins, where you will be able to observe its varied landscapes. The guide will be explaining to you along the visit the biotic and abiotic components from this environment, considered as the only European desert. You will go from the coastline date back to 10 million years until a viewpoint with general views of the famous Tabernas badlands.

You will have fun in places where characters like “El Manco”, “Indiana Jones” or “The Dothrakis” have lived their stories.

It doesn’t include the visit to the western towns



Minor unt 10-13 years


Minor until 9 years




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